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February 2, 2011 by scatter629
Here's the thing:

How can you really expect  an 82-year old , 30-year dictator to make a good decision?

Clearly, the generous Egyptian souls out there (and there are many) should take heed and do everything possible to keep him out of harm's way for the rest of his dictatorial days. The only safe place for him is out of Egypt. There's Dubai, Doha, Bahamas, (Hawaii?) and a lot of other dictator-friendly islands that could use the cash and take him.

Take an ambulance ( in fact, sever...
May 30, 2010 by scatter629
Okay, so we gave BP’s TopKill a chance and it is most plausible that the apprehensions I previously mentioned ( see “I Hope Not…But BP’s TopKill Could Be A Disaster”) played out as I feared.  Rising critical pressure levels were  detected  which caused an 18 hour pause  in mud pumping and a subsequent failure in the jumpshot (where we would’ve had all those golf balls )that  caused the whole plan to be aborted.

Plan B would now inv...
May 26, 2010 by scatter629
People, I hate  pouring cold water on somebody’s frenzied efforts , specially  if those efforts  are aimed at stopping the Gulf of Mexico blowout oil spill which is turning out to be our worst nightmare, but really you have to examine closely what BP is attempting to do.

What exactly is topkill?  It’s supposed to be a proven method used for land-based oil wells in Kuwait that needed to be shut down. It’s applying counter-pressure on the blowout top of th...
April 17, 2010 by scatter629
The Wall Street maniacs behind the US economic downturn of 2008 are at it again. Orchestrating a scam by playing off their pro-investment underlings (or "advisers") against another group of underlings (the"bettors") who worked for the failure of the investment, they managed to hoodwink another trusting group of businessmen out of their hard-earned millions. If you think that the impending lawsuits JP Morgan now face are scaring the hell out of them, you've got another think coming - what with th...
November 12, 2007 by scatter629
The Sitting Duck Strategy

One doesn’t have to be a Dick Cheney on a hunting trip to know that the target is the mallard sitting in the water and not your fellow hunter . For all the “lessons learned” in this “war on terror”, this real-life accident in all of its VP dimension could not have depicted the prevailing force (farce?) that swayed the course of this war more accurately. This strategy of pouring more and more conventional forces in an unconventional war and raising false hopes of vic...
June 3, 2007 by scatter629
This report is a little more than a year old and was written some 18 flight hours from the US continent. I guess this can be safely filed away for historical reference.

The Bay of this Mindoro Island which was around 2 hours ferry ride from the southern tip of the Philippines’ largest northern island (Luzon), had actually 5 other interesting beaches, but it was only White Beach which was the focus of most tourist destinations.
It was actually one of the earliest developed resorts, much earl...
February 2, 2007 by scatter629
In a surprising timing reminiscent of a terrorist 9/11 attack, Mother Nature threw a brickbrat of bizarre weather patterns sending seven (yes,7) tornadoes creating a large swath of devastation to include overturned trucks, trailers,and buses destroyed properties and 19 confirmed fatalities in the wee hours of the morning (3am) today to where? No, not Missouri, not Kansas, not even Texas, but in Florida - central Florida to be exact, particularly in Lake County and the surrounding areas. ...
January 11, 2007 by scatter629
Twenty-thousand troops to increase US forces for Baghdad - ? What will that achieve against an unconventional enemy that just has to
wait outside of the Green Zone and other parts of Iraq waiting for a lull moment before pouncing back and begin decimating American soldiers in their unguarded moments? What do these 20,000 US forces do against several centuries of Shiite vs. Sunni sectarian conflict
that went on unabated throughout the years of American occupation of Iraq ? This troop surge wil...
November 30, 2006 by scatter629
A friend emailed me this story which I'm sharing in full.

"At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would
never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question: **

When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understan...
October 30, 2006 by scatter629
Tactics are something you can turn on a dime,” said Richard L. Armitage, the former deputy secretary of state, and an Army veteran with close ties to the military. “Strategy takes time, and that’s the question. Do we have time for a new strategy?”

Any thoughts evaluating the formation of a new strategy cannot ignore reevaluation of the old one. The reevaluation has been consistent on all levels: The present course on Iraq is the implementation of a wrong strategy. It means the over-all rallyi...
October 24, 2006 by scatter629
I almost coughed out my breakfast cereals one Monday Morning when I started reading a St. Peterburg Times article on gay Republican staffers being accused of downplaying the Foley issue to protect a fellow gay Republican (?!) It was a recent article by Bill Adair & Web Allison and the nearest link I could find on the subject was this: Link

A year ago (or when was that time macho Republican gubernator Shwarzenegger started pooh-poohing “girlie-men”?) you wouldn’t connect Republicans with bein...
October 5, 2006 by scatter629
This seems like the inevitable question not just when you near the ballot box but more when you face the mirror, with no one else around.

It has to do with the deep sense of self-respect you hold for yourself and for this country – the land of your children and grandchildren, and theirs. Yes, this land checkered by a history we’ve both learned, at one time or another to be proud to come home to as well as to stay away from in shame. All in all, when you compare what’s been achieved in our a...
September 29, 2006 by scatter629
I don’t get it . US has fallen from its No.1 position which it shared with Finland for the the more than a decade, according to the World Economic Forums Global Competitiveness Index. Link: Link

Link Link

The No. 1 spot is now given to Switzerland followed by 3 Scandinavian countries ( #2 Finland , #3 Sweden , #4 Denmark) then Singapore.
I thought a more competitive type of economy was one that was business-friendly, plenty of tax cuts, less government control, unlike the welfare states t...
September 25, 2006 by scatter629
I had this brother-in-law Bill who was such a patsy for jokes. The guy was smart , well-rounded and had that all-around good nature about him but owing to cultural upbringing (anyway, we in the family think he’s more Polynesian than American in the way he chooses to react), he sort of just became the butt of jokes during family reunions. Every family’s supposed to have a sacrificial laughing stock and Bill just fit into it. He just laughed at the jokes thrown about him – even when they just bor...
September 21, 2006 by scatter629
Now why did I write this post ? Call it my blood-and guts issue trying to release all the pent-up rage and frustration with everything’s that’s been currently happening in the least harmful way I think it could be released and it revolves around an imagined scenario:

Imagine you are the security-cleared, officially designated Chef in charge of handling meals and dinners for UN guests, prominent among them, of course,(and with equal controversy) would be Mahmoud Amedinejad, President of Iran. ...