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The man needs help
Published on February 2, 2011 By scatter629 In International

Here's the thing:

How can you really expect  an 82-year old , 30-year dictator to make a good decision?

Clearly, the generous Egyptian souls out there (and there are many) should take heed and do everything possible to keep him out of harm's way for the rest of his dictatorial days. The only safe place for him is out of Egypt. There's Dubai, Doha, Bahamas, (Hawaii?) and a lot of other dictator-friendly islands that could use the cash and take him.

Take an ambulance ( in fact, several ambulances) and see that he gets the necessary medication (sedation) to calm his nerves for the trip. Be sure that he is well-strapped and secure to prevent falls. It may cost a private jet , but it's well-worth the effort.

Com'on, people. Have heart. Do it today.

on Feb 03, 2011

They can always make some polyjuice potion and made duplicates of him and fly him off in multiple directions in the hopes the real one gets away.

on Feb 03, 2011

As bad as Mubarak is, a power vacuum would be a lot worse.  His decision to not seek "re-election" is the best way to gracefully transfer power.  Whether he is senile or not is really beyond the issue at this point.

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